National Sour Candy Day 2023: When & How to celebrate?

National Sour Candy Day 2023 – Tuesday, July 18! While most individuals consider of candy, they think of something very sweet, however, there is a growing subsection of us who consider of sour candy instead. It’s just that plenty of us crave candy which makes our lips pucker up as if they’ve just sucked on a lemon. In case you are one of those folks who find sour candy as the absolute best, we’d like to introduce you to National Sour Candy Day, which takes place on July 18th. On this day, everybody can indulge in the candy which some folks adore and others despise.

Our taste buds are indeed pulsating with excitement just thinking about the day! In homage to this day, just let sour take over your taste bud. We can’t wait to try all of these fun, zesty bite-sized candies across all forms, sizes, and tastes! From chewy twists and ropes to tiny hard candies, each one provides on its commitment to packing a sour punch within our tongues.

When is National Sour Candy Day 2023 USA?

Tuesday, July 18 is the official celebration date of Happy National Sour Candy Day 2023 in the United States. On this same date, the USA also celebrates National Caviar Day.

National Sour Candy Day 2023
National Sour Candy Day 2023

Brief Illustration of National Sour Candy Day

National Sour Candy Day: Overview

Name of Day National Sour Candy Day
Created By American Licorice Company
Observed On 18th of July
Significance To celebrate the awesomeness of this candy and motivate more individuals to attempt all of the delightful tastes of sour candy.
Celebration Location The US.

History Of National Sour Candy Day

Folks have had their fair share of sour fruits and foods over the course of time, however, sour candy is a relatively recent concept, even when compared to conventional candy. It’s because bulk-produced candy did not have a strong track record when it first emerged in the nineteenth century. Folks were worried about the unsanitary conditions under which they were produced, as well as the possibly toxic chemicals used throughout the vibrantly colored sweets. To make sour candies, often these companies did not venture into uncharted territory. Nevertheless, there were some exceptional cases.

These companies used acidic additives, most widely vinegar, to transform cane sugar into glucose, resulting in a sweet-tart combo. Candy makers felt like increasing the appeal over time. So they took advantage of the best chance they could discover: Halloween. They ran Halloween-themed promotions, which established a long-lasting link between this holiday and candy. Because of this affiliation, candy makers were ready to explore with flavorings that were not typically sold to the general public, and the sour candy market took off.

By the end of the nineteenth century, the mania for sour candy had dispersed throughout the United States. Warheads, a sour candy made by the Foreign Candy Company, played a role in this phenomenon. Their founder, Peter De Yager, managed to travel all across East Asia — the epicenter of sour candy — in search of the sourest candy, which he discovered in Taiwan. National Sour Candy Day was created by the American Licorice Company, which has its own sour candy line. That day, they decided to celebrate this sweet and motivate more individuals to attempt all of the delightful tastes of sour candy.

How To Celebrate National Sour Candy Day?

  1. Wolf Down on Some!

On this day, skip the routine candy and check out a few sour deliciousness. Unless you already enjoy sour candy, experiment with unique tastes and combos. Select from the Sour Punch candy line, Atomic Fireball, or Lemonhead. And why wolf down by yourself? Take a bag of candy and share it with your friends and family.

  1. Let the Game Begin

The capacity of sour candy to make anybody really pucker their lips due to the flavors is one of its attributes. Check out the sourest taste you may find and keep track of your pucker. Grasp a sour candy pucker contest with your friends to see who can create the perfect pucker. After all course, the victor receives a massive bag of sour candy!

  1. Look Out for Special Events.

Hitherto, the pioneers of this day would mark the occasion with special events. You can keep up with Sour Punch’s posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can even host your own mini-events online or in person, such as the ‘Best Pucker’ contest, the ‘Sourest Candy Challenge,’ and much more.

Why We Love National Sour Candy Day

The sour taste, which is typically tagged with acids, is discovered in only a few naturally occurring foods, such as vitamin C. According to evolutionary development, we could not generate vitamin C and had to obtain it from our surroundings. This may clarify why individuals prefer sour foods — we are evolutionarily programmed to do so! Furthermore, sour candy can be extremely beneficial to cancer patients. Countless cancer medications and treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, lead to major changes in taste. Slurping on sour candies aids in salivation and taste regulation. Sweet is a well-known and predictable flavor. Sour, on the other hand, not only tends to make our faces sweat, but it also amuses our sense of taste.

National Sour Candy Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Memes, GIFs, Captions 2023

It is the National Sour Candy Day and you have to celebrate by trying out new flavors and combinations of the sour candies! Have an amazing time.

On a bad day, all you need is some love and sour candy delights to make you feel better.

Candies add flavor and taste to our mundane lives. Happy Sour Candy Day to you all.

Here is your sign to get a jar of sour candies and enjoy it with your loved ones. Have a happy and delightful Sour Candy Day.

Eating candies makes me smile the way no other thing in this world does. Its different flavors give me hope that there will always be a better shade of life waiting for me.

You are a kid and the world is like a candy store. Grab and enjoy all the yummy experiences you can.

Candy is the perfect food that keeps you fuelled up. Wishing you jars full of candies on this Day of Sour Candy.


  • “Candy bar nostalgia puts us all on the same page.” ― Bee Wilson
  • “Candy is natures’ way of making up for Mondays.” ― Rebecca Gober
  • “Knowledge was like candy: you never turned it down, especially if you didn’t have to work too hard to get it.” ― Robert Liparulo
  • “People will say candy is recession-proof, and we’re definitely seeing nostalgic candies coming about, and people want that sugar rush and that nostalgic happiness, like their childhood times.” ― Dylan Lauren
  • “Growing up, I ate a lot of candy. If you were my dentist, you would know that you know, but I eat a lot of candy, so from eight to probably, like, 15, you wouldn’t see me without a pack of Skittles.” ― Michael Beasley
  • “I used to live on one candy bar a day – it cost a nickel. I always remember the candy bar was called Payday. That was my payday. And that candy bar tasted so good, at night I would take one bite, and it was so beautiful.” ― Charles Bukowski
  • “The great thing about candy is that it can’t be spoiled by the adult world. Candy is innocent. And all Halloween candy pales next to candy corn, if only because candy corn used to appear, like the Great Pumpkin, solely on Halloween.” ― Rosecrans Baldwin
  • “I feel like a little kid who just walked into a candy store. I think that’s something to smile about.” ― Brandon Boyd
  • “Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.” ― Dylan Lauren

Upcoming Celebratory Dates for National Sour Candy Day

Year Date Day
2022 July 18 Monday
2023 July 18 Tuesday
2024 July 18 Thursday
2025 July 18 Friday
2026 July 18 Saturday

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