National Taco Day 2021 – October 4 (Deals, Celebration, History, Wishes & Quotes)

National Taco Day 2021 – Monday, October 4 (Deals, Celebration, History, Wishes & Quotes)! We know one thing for sure that the word Taco makes you salivate just by hearing and why shouldn’t you! The tongue knows best, right! Well, if you are a Taco lover, who eagerly waits for the so-called Taco Tuesday then you are in the right place. Because National Taco Day is right around the corner and we are here to gear you up with all that you can expect about the day.

What is National Taco Day?

National Taco Day is an observational annual holiday on the 4th of October each year, as a way of paying homage to this savory dish. Taco is a traditional Mexican dish that got popular around the world for all the right reasons. There is a saying that the word taco has got its origin from the Spanish word “ataco” which means ‘to stuff”. So, it only makes sense that people would differ on their opinion regarding the type of taco that has got the best taste since people like their tacos stuffed with their preferred dishes! Some like soft tortilla shells, some with hard ones, and there are those who would fill their tacos starting from beans to rice, beefs, cheese, tomato, cream, carne asada, chicken, fish, etc.

Since as American’s we have consumed more than 4.5 million tacos last year, how about we break it this year. So, let’s go, shall we?

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When is National Taco Day 2021?

National Taco Day 2021

Well, by now you know National Taco Day is observed on the 4th of October in the US, while in Mexico, the day is known as Dia del Taco which means Day of the Taco standing on the date of 31st of March. Some countries also celebrate dishes that resemble the making pattern of tacos through staffing but they have got their own name for it.

National Taco Day Deals 2021

Restaurants that serve tacos are offering a range of different offers on this occasion. In some may provide reduced tacos going down the price of $1 in some cases, while others can offer complimentary tacos. Keeping an eye out in the days leading up to this occasion to see what taco bargains are available seems like a savvy idea, doesn’t it?

History of National Taco Day

Taco as a portion of food has its origin in the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. However, the corn tortilla-shelled Tacos that we currently know have their origin in Mexico. Around the year of 1914, taco recipes got their due place on Californian cookbooks. Now, it has exploded as a portion of delicious food to food aficionados around the world.

How to celebrate National Taco Day 2021?

Dive into the nearest Taco Bell or any restaurant that sells Taco

We can assure you that you are going to be amazed at the number of locations in your local area that you would get if you simply search. However, if you got a personal preference for a particular place then simply go there to make your tongue to have the tour it so much craves.

Make Tacos of your own

Select one from the numerous taco recipes available online, head to the grocery shop to purchase the supplies, and start making! Above all, create those tacos with love. A taco press along with a deep fryer can also help you make the most of National Taco Day.

Give the gift of tacos

You can send Tacos to your loved ones who live away from you as a surprise gift or simply enjoy with them at your home. Who said you cannot serve Tacos to a complete stranger on the street, you are likely to make their day, right?

Why do we love National Taco Day?

We love Tacos because there is nothing like Tacos in the whole world-wide. Endless varieties of Tacos can be made with the preferences of one’s own. Tacos are surely a great food to have on the go. Tacos are the epitome of comfort food since if you are seeking to have some comfort despite having health issues, there are surely some Taco’s out there that can ease you with their taste according to your clause!

Without further ado, let’s hop on the Taco Train on the upcoming National Taco Day and don’t forget to show your celebratory manner with the rest of the people on your social media circle with the hashtag of #NationalTacoDay or simply with #TacoDay if you are a lazy bone (inserting wink emoji)!

National Taco Day 2021 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Captions, Taglines:

1. Yesterday I really wanted tacos. Today, I’m eating tacos. Follow your dreams. – Unknown
2. Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made taco and a cold bottle of beer. – Tom Robbins
3. Tacos restore faith in life, tacos give strength to keep moving on, tacos add spice to life. – Unknown
4. Don’t judge your taco by its price. – Hunter S. Thompson
5. swimsuit season is just around the corner, but so is the taco truck. – Unknown
6. I may look like I’m paying attention, but I’m really just thinking about tacos. – Unknown
7. Everything goes better with tacos. – Rachel Caine
8. I don’t know much about the Supreme Court. If it’s anything like the Supreme Taco, it’s like a regular court, but with extra sour cream. – Craig Ferguson
9. Great art is horseshit, buy tacos. – Charles Bukowski
10. I’m so happy I don’t have to hunt for my food. I don’t know where tacos live. – Unknown
11. Life is good till the time you have tacos on your plate to make each and every day of your life a little more tastier and a little more enjoyable. – Unknown
12. When it’s done properly, taco should be a verb. – Jonathan Gold
13. If we date, we’re not going wine tasting, we’re going taco tasting. – Unknown
14. I believe in love at first sight. after all, I’ve seen tacos. – Unknown
15. Wanna see a magic trick? i can make these tacos disappear. – Unknown

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