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National Text Your Ex Day 2021: When and How to Celebrated?


National Text Your Ex Day 2021 – Saturday, October 30! The National Text Your Ex Day falls on October 30th each year. If you are weirded out, don’t be! We can bet you that such a day actually exist, however bizarre it might seem. And the reason behind the existence of this day might make a bit of sense to you after reading the article. So, hop along if you want to find out more.

When is National Text Your Ex Day 2021?

30th October is the official celebration date of Happy National Text Your Ex Day 2021.

History of National Text Your Ex Day

We don’t have solid facts on how the day actually got started or when. But we can assume why it was created.

How to Celebrate National Text Your Ex Day 2021?

Well, you can arrange a get together of friends who had exes and message each of them. If you are the one who had broken things up, maybe it’s time you checked up on her to see how she is doing and also describe authentically behind your reason for messaging. Otherwise, she might not take your words lightly. Also, this day is a good opportunity for you to apologize if you wrongly broke up with her or made terrible faults during the time of your relationship.

It’s better to live with an apology than with guilt, wouldn’t you agree? Apologize and give her or his closure in a way that is genuine no sugarcoating, no bullshit. Whether they choose to forgive you or not that is secondary. On the reverse scenario, if you were to the one who was broken up with, then ask for closure through messaging or just simply cause you felt like it as long as the receiver at the end doesn’t feel bad about it.

Make sure that you are doing it for the sake of feeling relief. One warning though, stays the hell away from celebrating or thinking of participating in the celebration of the day, if he or she was terribly toxic towards your wellbeing, however much seductive it might seem to you. This day is a wonderful opportunity, for the two of you to get back guessing you both still haven’t gotten over each other.

After you are done with receiving the clarity which you expected from the messaging session, move on and never look back. Make a solemn vow to yourself that you will evolve for the better in your future relationship. So, just text it already instead of questioning the sanity behind the existence of such a day.

Why did We love to celebrate National Text Your Ex Day?

This day is an amazing opportunity to get closure as to why you or your ex chose to break up with each other and make peace with your decision.


So, bring out that phone, and without pondering just send the text already!



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