National Underwear Day 2023 – Saturday, August 5

National Underwear Day 2023 – Saturday, August 5! National Underwear Day was founded in the early 1960s. This day is dedicated to women, who love and appreciate underwear. It originated in the United States, where women were proud to wear undergarments. National Underwear Day is observed on the fifth of August every year. This day gives you an opportunity to sport your favorite underwear.

When is National Underwear Day 2023 USA?

Saturday, August 5 is the official celebration date of Happy National Underwear Day 2023 in the United States (USA).

National Underwear Day 2023
National Underwear Day 2023

National Underwear Day History, Significance, Theme, Facts, Celebration Ideas & More info:

National Underwear Day signifies the fact that women deserve to feel good about themselves, no matter what shape or size they may be in. It originated in the United States, where women were especially concerned about their body image. Although men were content to stand beside women, their role was to comfort the general viewing of the body in society, where the concept is difficult for most people to accept. National Underwear Day helps change that view, as it encourages women to wear intimate undergarments. They also get the opportunity to know and love the many different styles, colors, and materials that are available. Wearing these allows women to feel better about themselves, as these can make them feel sexy, without feeling self-conscious.

Not all people celebrate National Underwear Day, as not everyone lives in the United States. Some celebrate the day in other countries, such as Canada. People who do celebrate national underwear day in other countries tend to be women who belong to minority groups, such as First Nations, Inuit, and Native Americans. Many women also choose to wear undergarments that do not have specific designs, which allows them to express their own personal style. Women may also choose to wear special underwear with symbols on them, such as stars or crosses.

National Underwear Day has been celebrated since the 19th century. The day was started in order to promote the need for women to have proper undergarments in their life. In particular, the underwear chosen should help improve the body image of a woman. The design of underwear also matters as it needs to compliment the woman’s clothing. A woman’s underwear should be comfortable, supportive, and sexy at the same time. Different materials are also used to make the best undergarments for National Underwear Day.

There are many different ways to celebrate National Underwear Day. One way is to go shopping for panties for women, which includes designer underwear, sexy panties, lace, thongs, and many more. Many department stores sell lingerie for women on the day. Some people choose to shop online, while others prefer to visit local department stores in their area to purchase lingerie for National Underwear Day.

National Underwear Day celebrations are also celebrated in hoodie-hoo day celebrations. Hoodie-hoo provides customers with the opportunity to buy amazing discounts on panties, bras, thongs, and other intimate wear that can be worn during National Underwear Day celebrations. The company also provides customers with an opportunity to purchase a free gift card for most major brands.

National Underwear Day Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023:

Underwear absorbs all internal fluids such as semen and vaginal discharge, keeping our genital area clean and dry. National Underwear Day Wishes to all of you.

Underwear acts as a bacterial and fungal infection barrier. Wishes on National Underwear Day.

Undies protect against stains and damage caused by body excretions such as perspiration and urine. Wishes on National Underwear Day.

Underwear reduces the friction between clothing and the skin. Wishes on National Underwear Day to all undies lovers.

In the winter, underwear serves as an additional layer of warmth. Warm underwear day wishes.

On National Underwear Day, put on your favorite underwear, whether it’s briefs, slacks, or boxers. Go to a store and stock up on undergarments.

There are certain things that are better hidden in underpants than they are out in the open.

Wearing attractive underwear boosts one’s self-esteem.

Undies like bras and brassieres give absolute support to my breasts.

During the summer, I just wear my underpants only.

I put on new underwear every day, which gives me a new outlook on life.


  1. Amazon Apparel

    Selling underwear made Amazon the ‘Biggest Apparel Seller’ in the United States.

  2. Underwear Fanatic

    A 10-year-old named Jack Singer wore 215 pairs of underwear at once in 2010.

  3. Lucky underwear

    It is considered lucky for women to ring in the New Year by wearing red underwear.

  4. Her Majesty’s underwear

    A pair of Queen Victoria’s underwear made from yards of white cream fabric and with her initials embroidered on it, auctioned for $14,500.

  5. Barely legal

    In Thailand, it is illegal to leave the house without wearing underwear.

Celebration date of National Underwear Day:

Year Date Day
2022 August 5 Friday
2023 August 5 Saturday
2024 August 5 Monday
2025 August 5 Tuesday
2026 August 5 Wednesday

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