National Unicorn Day 2020 – Thursday, April 9


National Unicorn Day 2020 – Thursday, April 9! Here’s a quiz for you! What is that creature that doesn’t exist yet been living on for thousands of years? Well, we know almost all of you can answer that! However, if a child asks you whether Unicorns exist or not, kindly don’t be cynic and break their heart by answering what you think is the truth!!

Unicorns are mythological creatures that’s been around the human narrative for centuries. It symbolizes purity, enchantment, and positivity!  It resembles to horses with single large, pointed, rainbow, and spiraling horn arising from the middle of its forehead! It has the feet of a horse and tail of a lion! It is also the national animal of Scotland! It is believed the horn and blood of it contains the mystical power to change poisoned water by purifying it and heal sickness!

National Unicorn Day

Unicorns are an integral part of our childhood fantasy and they are present in literature, cinematography, art as well! So, it’s no wonder that there is a special day to celebrate the awesomeness that is unique! Unicorn Day was created to celebrate these majestic creatures and help adults remember how much more fun life can be when we let a little magic in sometimes.

History of National Unicorn Day

The exact origin is hard to figure out regarding when the Unicorn concept came into being! Ancient Greeks thought that they lived in the exotic places of India which was an unexplored territory to Europeans back in the day. Their version of the unicorn was a powerful fierce animal with which nobody would like to mess with willingly! Their existential trace can also be found in the middle ages.

They have been appearing in literature for thousands of years. The modern-day literature like Harry Potter, through the looking glass, My little pony are some of the viral literature pieces of work that contains unicorns!

How to celebrate National Unicorn Day 2020?

Watch movies, read fiction or non-fictions or simply surf the net to quench your curiosity regarding unicorns on this day, if you feel like! Or, you can make multi-colored cupcakes with unicorn being the theme of the cakes! You can visit famous places which hold Unicorns sculptures or carvings! Also, you can visit Scotland! Also, share your enthusiasm regarding the day by putting #NationalUnicornDay!

Why we love to celebrate National Unicorn Day?

To be honest, after reading the above snippet, if you are still wondering why we love the day, then it’s pointless to answer you.


How about from now on, you take life a little less seriously and blend yourself with the soul theme of Unicorn Day by letting your imagination run wild and feel like a child again!


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