National Video Games Day 2020 – September 12


National Video Games Day 2020 – September 12! National Video game Day is an unofficial holiday. It is celebrated on the 12th of September each year. Video games gained popularity from the 20th century throughout the 21st century it has become a viral medium of entertainment. National Video Game Day and Video game day are two separate celebratory days and one shouldn’t be confused with the other.

12 September National Video Games Day

Initially, video games were invented for passing time, now it has also become a profession of so many people all over the world. The popularity of video games exploded like lava from the last couple of years. It is estimated that more than 5 million video games exist nowadays. Video games are of many types. These games are developed investing millions of dollars. The video games industry is a billion-dollar industry worldwide.

Gaming companies develop diverse genre games to serve different consumer needs. It’s an amazing day for every video game lover in America to show much video gaming means to them. It provides gamers with the golden opportunity to honor the defining part that is video gaming and sharing the significance of the day with like-minded gamers.

History of the National Video Games Day

Though the exact history of the day hasn’t traceable but video gaming invention goes way back. Since the invention of games like Bertie the Brain, Nim, Computer Space, Pong, Super Mario, the video gaming industry evolved a lot. Now games have extraordinary graphics and require upgraded PC’s to play the games. The gaming plot is also changed equivocally.

How to Celebrate National Video Games Day 2020?

You can celebrate the day in any way you want. However, we have some suggestions of our own, in case you are in need of hints. So, here we go-

  1. Start a video game party

You can invite all your video gaming buddies in your home. Enjoy drinks, food while you battle each other out on the gaming console. This might be the little escape you have been seeking from the last few months.

  1. Put on your favorite gaming character cosplay

You can also put on your favorite gaming character cosplay and tell your friends to do the same. It will give you all a thrilling sense while you play against each other.

3. Buy that gaming equipment

You have been procrastinating on that gaming PC, console, PlayStation for months. Now is the perfect chance to buy them and play like you are born to do this!

Why We Love National Video Game Day

Video games are simply timeless. The world of games is never going obsolete. They will always be updated with time to match of gamer’s preference. Video games are not boring like most of the everyday activities, They give us an adrenaline rush as well as teach us many interesting life lessons. Video games also test our cognitive, decision-making and creative skills. So, why shouldn’t we love a day which is solely reserved to celebrate the awesomeness that is video games!


Let’s make the upcoming National Video Game Day a memorable one by playing our heart’s content. Make sure to have some snacks and enjoy like never before.


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