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National Pajama Day 2021 – When & How to Celebrate National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day?


National Wear Pajamas to Work Day 2021 – Friday, April 16! The Pajama Day is also known as PJ Day, National Pajamas Day, and National Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Well, life is hectic, routine, and sometimes forceful in modern life. We all go to work wearing the traditional office suit expected from us. The good news is if you are one of those people who hate his traditional office outfit, then it’s time to rejoice.

Because on 16th April each year you can spend your entire day wearing nothing but pajamas! Yes, you heard it right! This day is known as Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. It’s a day dedicated to the celebration of the iconic sleepwear we all love by giving us an excuse to become super comfy. So, wear your pajama and read along if you want to know more.

History of National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day:

Pajama Day 2021
Pajama Day 2021

Pajama was previously known as Pyjamas. Pajama has become a national and globally accepted clothing material over the course of time. It hasn’t be traced who is responsible for starting the unofficial holiday. However, the day is being celebrated for the last two or three decades.

How to Celebrate National Wear Pajamas to Work Day 2021?

You can celebrate in ways that seem fun to you. We have come up with some ideas in case anybody is in need of taking hints-

You can simply take this opportunity to make a fashion statement. We know pajamas are Sleepwears but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to make a fashion statement. You can go for a hippy look with pajama or funky one if that’s more of your mojo! Well, you should also make sure you are not the only one roaming around wearing pajama. That would make you stand out and you might start suffering from spotlight syndrome or get paranoid for the fear of alienation.

As we are social creatures of conformity bias, make sure that the people around you also know about the day and participate with you on celebrating the day. Or, you can also arrange a pajama party during the launch break but of course make sure your boss is ok with the whole idea. To make the day a globally known and acceptable celebration day, don’t forget to use your social media accounts and post your celebratory ways with the hashtag of the day’s name.

Why did We love to Celebrate National Pajama Day 2021?

Well on this day we can get some extra minutes of sleep since we don’t have to worry about wearing an office suit. It’s also a day where people can be their usual selves with no fear of judgment. Most importantly, pajamas are not just for kids and you can rock the pajama with an outfit that makes you look cool on this day of 16 April.

National Pajama Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & Status

“I Always Think a Day When You Never Get Out of Your Pajamas Is a Win.” – Mark Hamill

“Pajamas Are Good for the Soul.” – Rebecca Stead

“My Hobbies Include Putting On Pajamas As Soon as I Get Home.” – Unknown

“Life Is So Uncertain: You Never Know What Could Happen. One Way to Deal With That Is to Keep Your Pajamas Washed.” – Haruki Murakami

“Any Day When You Can Stay in Pajamas the Whole Time Is a Good Day.” – Unknown


So, wear that comfy pajama and go on celebrating yourself under it without caring a bit what those judgmental people are thinking!



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