School Principals Day – Friday, May 1, 2020 (National Principal Appreciation Day)


School Principals Day – Friday, May 1, 2020! The National Principal Appreciation Day also knowns as “National Principals Day” and “School Principals Day”. The School Principal’s Day is a day of recognition and appreciation of the leaders who try their best to create leaders of tomorrow in their respective schools. It’s a day where all the elementary, high and middle school principals are appreciated and honored for the kind of leadership and dedication they display for all the students.

Principals are the head of administration within the school arena without whom the school might fail to run its many dynamics. They fill up dynamic and multifarious roles every day starting from a leader, counselor, manager, teacher, headhunter, etc. They take part in budgeting and allocating financial resources, sets achievable and scalable goals for the school throughout the year, guides the teachers in the right direction form time to time, and makes sure discipline is maintained, etc.

An effective principle can bring a huge change in the operational activities of the school. So, its only natural that there should be a celebratory day reserved to appreciate and honor them for all that they bring on the table.

When is School Principals Day?

The celebration of School Principal’s Day is done on 1st May each year.

Principal Day

History of Principals’ Day:

The Day was established by Janet Dellaria. She was from Trout Creek. She along with several other teachers association and a social worker came forward. They dedicated and celebrated the work of their respective principal and from that onward the celebratory day began.

How to Celebrate National Principal Appreciation Day?

  1. Arrange a school party

One of the ways you can celebrate the day is by arranging a school party with the principal being the center of attraction. Make sure that the teachers and students show their gratitude in ways that will make the principal feel valued about his contribution.

  1. Present gifts to him

You can also present various sorts of gifts to him. Gifts tend to make anyone happy.

  1. Arrange a school drama

You can also arrange a drama with the school being the theme of the play and show various roles including that of the principal. Make sure you portray his role authentically and understandably.

  1. Share on social media

Whatever your way of celebrating the day might be, make sure you display those in your social media accounts with the hashtag of #SchoolPrincipalsDay. The reason you are going to find out the why part of the article.

Why did we Love to Celebrate National School Principals Day?

The principal plays the toughest role in the school. He or she has to run, counsel, scold, reject, transfer students, staffs and teachers simultaneously. Besides that, the principal has to fill up many more versatile roles. Due to the nature of his rule, he has to ruthless from time to time. That’s student, guardian and teachers alike consider him as the villain. The celebration of this day serves as a reminder he is just a normal human being like the rest of us trying to do his job in a good manner. So, we love to celebrate the day.

Principals Day Dates:

Day Date Year
Friday May 1 2020
Saturday May 1 2021
Sunday May 1 2022



School Principal is a respectable, honorable, and dedicated person from top to bottom. He tries his level best to keep the school together and make it thrive at the same time. So, on this day let’s make sure that he is appreciated, seen and valued.


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