Record Store Day 2022: When and How to Celebrate?

Record Store Day 2022 – Saturday, April 23! Happy National Record Store Day is an exciting day for record store owners, employees, customers, and music buffs all around the country. Record buying is undoubtedly one of the pastimes American people enjoy. It has got nostalgic, historical, and original vibe and value to it for sure.

Due to the advent of CD and digital music vinyl might have lost its place but it surely hasn’t vanished into oblivion. The brick-and-mortar record stores celebrate not just the love for music but also promote various other merchandise related to the musical arena such as–jacket covers, styles as well as words.

It’s a day that honors and brings the idea of belonging to all those who love to come together for the celebration of the unique culture by contributing a unique role in the respective communities where they operate.  Though it is generally organized in April each year, this year the celebration of the day has been moved from 18th of April to 20th June for the corona pandemic of course. Hang on with us if you want to have some interesting insights that we have got in our sleeves which will be unfolded in the latter parts.

When is Record Store Day 2022 USA?

Saturday, April 23 is the official celebration date of Happy Record Store Day 2022 in the United States.

Record Store Day 2022
Record Store Day 2022

History of Record Store Day:

Though the idea to initiate a celebration for people’s love for vinyl music and to make the unique culture of record stores thrive through the grapevines, it wasn’t until 19th April of 2008 when the initiation and the celebration of the day began. In the initial days of the celebration, 1400 independently owned record stores in the US took part in the celebration of the day. But as the day grew more popular, nowadays it’s an internationally celebrated phenomenon spanning everywhere except for maybe Antarctica!

Did you know the famous band Metallica spent a hefty amount of hours at Rasputin Music in San Francisco during the first record store day celebration and also each year different musicians or band is nominated as the “Record Store Day Ambassador?”

How to Celebrate Happy Record Store Day 2022?

We have got some ideas for you if you want to partake in the nostalgic celebration of record music and want the culture to keep on sustaining itself. Well, you can start the day by heading to the nearby local record store in your area and see their participation manner in the day. If you plan to be a helping hand to them, you can get in contact with the managers which you will easily find on the Record Store Day website.

It will give you a three-sixty degree tour of how you can partake and contribute to the celebration of the day. In case, you happen to be a music artist, then probably meeting and greeting your local fans by planning with your local record store ahead, is a good place to start for the celebration of the day. You can also celebrate the day on social media websites and promote the day to becoming a viral phenomenon.

Why do we love to Celebrate National Record Store Day?

Record Store Day gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate our favorite music medium. It’s undoubtedly a great culture that needs sustenance. Moreover, a special type of vinyl, cd release as well as promotional products are made exclusively for celebrating this day. Festivities of the day range from performances meet and greet with artists, cook-outs, DJ spinning records, body painting, and many more. So, what’s not to like? Last but not least, it’s one of the greatest ways to keep the musical arena from the trashy control or commercialization process. So, are you joining us or what?

National Record Store Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Status 2022

Wishing a very Happy Record Store Day to you. Let us relive the good old days when we would visit the record stores to buy our favorite records.

Though music has become easily accessible to all of us but there was some other fun in buying records from the record stores. Happy Record Store Day to you.

On the occasion of Record Store Day, let us promise to keep the independent record stores alive as they would always tell us the tales of old times. Happy Record Store Day.

The occasion of Record Store Day reminds us of the times when going to a record store and buying music was so much fun. Warm wishes on this special day to you.

Let us celebrate the occasion of Record Store Day by enjoying the good artists and investing in their records that we can buy from record stores. Happy Record Store Day.

It feels so good seeing the old record store format selling records just like the old times. Wishing everyone a very Happy Record Store Day.

The occasion of Record Store Day is a very special occasion for true music lovers as it connects them with music in a special way. Happy Record Store Day.

Don’t miss on the celebrations of Record Store Day as they bring together the music lovers, artists, and the record stores. Wishing you a very Happy Record Store Day.

The beautiful memories of going to record stores to buy the records we loved is something that will never fade away. Happy Record Store Day.

No matter how progressive the technology is going to get, records will always have a special place in our hearts. Warm greetings on the occasion of Record Store Day to you.

We hope you would join us on the fun and worthy celebration of the day since music is the only way we can bring peace and harmony in this conflicted world of ours, don’t you think?

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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