Three Kings Day 2021 – When, Where & How to Celebrate?

Three Kings Day 2021 – Wednesday, January 6! Christmas, a celebration on which every single Christian celebrates in a great manner. Not only the Christians actually, but this occasion is also being famous among all region people. As this is a great festive so just to make it more special another occasion is celebrated after a few days of Christmas celebration. That is Three Kings Day! This very special day is celebrated on January 6, every year.

When is Three Kings Day 2021?

6th January is the official celebration date of Three Kings Day 2021.

Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day History

There is a holy story behind the celebration of this day. The story is about the time of Jesus. It is believed that three wise men named Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar presented symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The most interesting fact is that the three kings represented three-country named Europe, Arabia, and Africa. They wanted to prove the unity by coming from three different regions.

How to Celebrate Three Kings Day 2021?

As this is a holy festival so the way of celebrating it will be something different. Like you can do some voluntary work or you can do something religious! So let’s start the description of how to celebrate the day-

Make a Rosca de Reyes:

Having a King cake on this day is still used to be a tradition in South American countries. If you are well aware of it, then very good and if you are not, then you can just follow the recipe of making king cake and make it. It’s not so tough, all you have to do is manage the ingredients and do follow the instructions.

Study the Bible:

Isn’t it is a religious festival? It is, then why don’t you read the Holy Bible. Once you study the Bible you will be able to know many rules of your religion. These rules make you more serious and you will be able to be a religious person. Trust us, if you do so you will feel more refreshed like never before.

Try Swimming:

You can try the Three Kings swim in the Vltava River. This is situated in Prague. People who experience swimming in this river usually wear a different type of royal swimming clothes and swim in a freezing kind of water. So you can try it!.

Why we Celebrate Three Kings Day?

Isn’t needed to answer this question? Because this holy day is something special to Christians. But still lets some reasons why people love to celebrate this day…

  1. People get Gifts: Yes, that’s the most important reason why people love to celebrate this day. I mean, who doesn’t like to get a gift, everyone does, isn’t it? So at this festival children get a lot of gifts from the senior citizens. So this makes them a force to love the festival!
  2. Chance to Eat More: Does it sounds funny? It might be, but trust us that is another reason. It’s an occasion where people use to cook too many dishes. Not only dishes but also they cook the three king’s cake. That creates an opportunity to have more food!
  3. Chance to be Funnier: To be honest, this day is celebrated with enough enjoyment. So children and even the senior citizens get an opportunity to have fun like never before.

Three Kings Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Sayings, Messages:

– Hope you get more reasons to be happy and thankful to Jesus. happy three kings day.

– Let the shining star, which showed the path to three wise men, shine upon you, and light your way to success.

– Wise men still seek Jesus to adore. Happy three kings day.

– I wish all the blessings for love, peace, and happiness in your life on Epiphany and always. happy three kings day.

– Thanks be to God for his unconditional love and gifts. Jesus is here! Happy Epiphany.

– May the gifts of three wise men be yours and those will be joy, success, and prosperity along with Lord’s blessings. Happy three kings day.

– May the light of shining stars guide you and gift you with wisdom in every path of life. Wishing you a holy three kings day.

– I hope three wise men visit you today and make your three kings day celebration a joyous one.

– May the gifts of three wise men fill your home with prosperity.

Conclusion: That’s all about the main story of this holy day. Hope this day will allow you to be purer and more honest in your life.

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