US Constitution Day 2023 – Sunday, September 17

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Constitution Day 2023 – Sunday, September 17! Happy Constitution Day, officially referred to as Constitution and Citizenship Day, is observed on September 17 and honors the law that ensures Americans’ fundamental liberties. The United States Constitution has been the foundation for all American legislation ever since it was ratified in 1787. The Forefathers deliberately constructed the Constitution, dividing authority among the 3 institutions of government, to limit the power abuses they felt were permitted underneath the British monarchy. The Constitution establishes the rights of the citizens as well as the authority of the government. Additionally, it describes a procedure for prospective amendments.

When Is Constitution Day 2023 in USA?

The guiding force behind the most resilient democratic government ever is celebrated on Constitution Day on September 17.

US Constitution Day 2023
US Constitution Day 2023

History Of Constitution Day

After the American Revolution freed the American colonies from British rule, the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure the new government couldn’t abuse its power. At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, delegates from twelve of the thirteen new states gathered to draft the document that would serve as the basis of all future U.S. law. The Constitution calls for three branches of government with equal powers, creating a system commonly known as “checks and balances.” Each branch has the power to mitigate the others. Powers not assigned to one of the three branches are left to the individual states. On September 17, Constitution Day, the driving force responsible for the most durable democratic government in history is honored.

The new legislative branch’s organizational structure could be built up in one of two ways, according to convention delegates. The Virginia Plan sought participation based on population, which was naturally backed by larger states. In contrast, the New Jersey Plan demanded equal participation for all 50 states. The Great Compromise, a 2-house compromise that was reached, incorporates elements of both strategies and remains in operation presently. The Constitution also describes the duties and authority of the judicial and executive departments, the procedure for choosing the President, and other specifics.

The Constitution would need a method for implementing amendments since the forefathers understood that society develops over time. However, they desired to ensure that any modifications would need the approval of many states. A proposed amendment needs to be approved by three-fourths of the states in order to be valid. ” I Am an American Day” is celebrated on the third Sunday in May thanks to a ruling made by Congress and the President in 1940. The holiday was changed to “Constitution Day” in 1952 and relocated to September 17, the anniversary of the Constitution’s adoption. In 2004, more than 50 years after the original designation, Congress renamed the celebration Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

How to Celebrate Constitution Day 2023?

  1. Read the Constitution first.

How well-versed are you on the most significant law of our country? If the answer is “not very,” you can find a variety of tools to read and comprehend the Constitution in your personal time.

  1. Congratulate an Immigrant

Do any of your acquaintances hold naturalized U.S. citizenship after passing the citizenship test? Thank them for their accomplishment today and protest any racist activity that might happen in front of you!

  1. Sign the Giant Constitution.

Visitors can sign their names in the Grand Hall Lobby next to Washington, Franklin, and Madison on our enormous replica of the U.S. Constitution. Don’t you think that would be a healthy way to celebrate the day?

  1. Purchase a Pocket Constitution

You can get portable, pocket-sized copies of the Constitution to carry with you, Did you know that? Check your neighborhood book or supply store, or get one online.

  1. Be A Cinephile.

Although it may not come to mind immediately if you contemplate about being a committed American citizen, enjoying movies does exist. Some of the best feature films that illustrate, examine, and define our highest law of the land range from The Post, Gran Torino, The Patriot, Training Day, Minority Report, All the President’s Men, Enemy of the State, and 12 Monkeys to The Untouchables and Iron Jawed Angels. At your convenience, cross them off your checklist.

5 Facts About Constitution Day

  1. Today marks the 233rd anniversary of the U.S. Constitution’s signing.

The final meeting of the Constitutional Convention delegates to ratify the produced document took place on September 17, 1787.

  1. The first version of the document included four pages.

It was endorsed by 39 men, notably Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

  1. There are 7 articles in the Constitution.

The powers of Congress, the President and Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the ties between the states, the procedure for adding amendments, and the pledge that representatives are required to take are all outlined in these documents.

  1. The Constitution has 27 Amendments.

The Bill of Rights, the first ten, was approved in 1791.

  1. The most current one wasn’t enacted until 1992, despite being first presented around 1789.

Why Constitution Day is so Important?

Other analogous texts across the globe have been based on the principles of our Constitution. The fundamental liberties that Americans love most are safeguarded by the Bill of Rights and other provisions of the Constitution. The Founders argued about the term the head of state should have while they co-wrote the Constitution. The delegates finally agreed on “The President of the United States of America” after rejecting “His Highness the President of the United States of America and Protector of their Liberties,” “Electoral Highness,” and “Excellency.”

FAQs About Constitution Day

  • When is Constitution Day?

September 17 is Constitution Day in the United States. Since the holiday’s inception in 2004, it has fallen on this day.

  • What is Constitution Day?

On Constitution Day, you can recognize the delegates who approved the Constitution and commemorate your citizenship in the United States. Additionally, it is a day on which federal agencies and academic institutions exchange knowledge about the Constitution.

  • What is the Purpose of Constitution Day?

To honor the Constitution’s ratification in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787, September 17 has been dubbed Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Through our public programs, family events, and internet sources, find and learn more about the U.S. Constitution.

  • What is the Constitution’s three main components?

The Preamble, seven articles, and amendments make up the Constitution’s three major parts.

  • When and where was the Constitution written and signed?

In Philadelphia’s Assembly Room of the Pennsylvania State House, today called Independence Hall, the Constitution was drafted and approved. The Declaration of Independence was signed here exactly. The Philadelphia Convention, now referred to as the Constitutional Convention, met from May 25 to September 17, 1787, during which time the Constitution was drafted. On September 17, 1787, it was ratified.

  • When did the Constitution go into effect?

The minute the delegates approved the Constitution, it did not immediately become operative. It required approval by the populace in order to become law. Simply noting that under Article VII of the Constitution created the ratification procedure. “The Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same, shall be adequate by the Ratification of the Conventions of Nine States.” New Hampshire ratified the Constitution on June 21, 1788, making it the ninth state to do so. The Confederation Congress set the start date for the new government under the Constitution as March 4, 1789.

  • What Day Was the Constitution Signed?

On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed. The Constitutional Convention delegates approved it in Philadelphia.

  • Where is the Constitution? Is it at the National Constitution Center?

A remarkable, initial draft of the first Constitutional printing is kept in the National Constitution Center. The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser released this edition on September 19, 1787, 2 days after the Constitution was ratified. This printing commemorates the first time that Americans—”We the People”—saw the Constitution because the Constitutional Convention was held in privacy. The National Archives in Washington, D.C. holds the actual, handwritten, signed Constitution.

  • Why Do We Celebrate Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is a day to celebrate the Constitution and the citizens of the United States. It’s also an opportunity to recognize the importance of our country’s founding. 

Happy Constitution Day 2023
Happy Constitution Day 2023

Happy Constitution Day 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Images, Status, Sayings, Greetings

Celebration Dates of Constitution Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 17 Saturday
2023 September 17 Sunday
2024 September 17 Tuesday
2025 September 17 Wednesday
2026 September 17 Thursday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy, and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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