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Every October 10, we commemorate World Mental Health Day. As our knowledge of mental health advances, so do we. Starting from the moment when the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) was formally created the day in the early 1990s, mental health has advanced significantly. Our increased self-awareness and responsiveness to it have improved the situation. As terms like “mad” and “psycho” are used less casually and we have a deeper understanding of how they can unwittingly be cruel and demonizing, our vocabulary concerning mental illness has evolved. Even if we’ve learned a lot, our society still has a long way to go in terms of development.

World Mental Health Day Theme 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has run a worldwide movement for World Mental Health Day annually since 2013. “Mental health is a universal human right” is the topic for World Mental Health Day 2023, according to the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH).

Purpose of World Mental Health Day

The goal of World Mental Health Day is to advocate for and enhance best practices in recovery-focused therapies, psychological disorder prevention, and global mental health consciousness. The Day strives to increase global awareness of psychological concerns and to organize support for mental health in a comprehensive, compassionate, and inclusive way.

World Mental Health Day 2023
World Mental Health Day 2023

History Of World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was established in 1992 by the World Federation of Mental Health under the direction of Richard Hunter, who was the deputy secretary-general at the time. Other than advocating for overall mental health, they had no specific goal. To put it mildly, changing a variety of unhealthy and harmful patterns that were aggravating people’s challenging circumstances was a tough challenge. Numerous mental health problems existed in the world and weren’t receiving the correct care. In France, it was difficult to obtain public money for therapy; in New Zealand, there was poor treatment; and there was a general lack of understanding of what mental health is.

The WFMH was aware that in order to address a global situation, worldwide action was required. A two-hour show was transmitted globally for the first 3 years by a U.S. information agency satellite. The Tallahassee, Florida-based studio served as an effective vehicle for spreading its advocacy message. Chile, England, Australia, and Zambia participated, while pieces were pre-taped in Geneva, Atlanta, and Mexico City for the broadcast.

Boosting the Quality of Mental Health Services Around the World was the 1994 World Mental Health Day theme. Following the campaign, 27 countries gave feedback reports, and nationwide initiatives were held in Australia and England. Keeping up with this pace, WFMH board members worldwide planned events in honor of the day and its expanding appeal to both government agencies, groups, and the general public.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) organized the interpretation of the planning kit content into Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic beginning in 1995 and ongoing till the present. As the years went by, more nations took part, and subsequently, civilians did too, as mental health was increasingly associated with human rights. As times changed, so did the World Mental Health Day themes. The discourse expanded to include topics like women, kids, wellness, employment, trauma, murder, and a lot more, and as a result, the typical person now knows more about mental health.

FAQS About World Mental Health Day

  • Which day is known as World Mental Health Day?

It’s World Mental Health Day on October 10. The Day offers a chance for all parties involved in mental health issues to discuss their progress and what else must be done in order to ensure that mental health care is available to everyone around the globe.

  • Why is World Mental Health Day important?

We have mental health problems in at least one in every eight people. Additionally, the World Health Organization notes that World Mental Health Day 2023 on October 10 is an opportunity to “rekindle our efforts to protect and improve mental health” (WHO).

  • Who Started Mental Health Day?

The World Federation for Mental Health, a global organization for mental health with membership in more than 150 countries, spearheaded the creation of the day back in 1992.

  • What Color Ribbon Is Mental Health?

The international emblem for mental health awareness is the green ribbon. The color green, specifically a green ribbon, is a significant method to promote and identify as a champion of mental health. It can demonstrate your concern for the mental health of your coworkers, friends, or even people you simply pass on the street.

  • How Do I Comfort Someone With A Mental Illness?

Several folks would like to assist but are unsure of how. Keep things lighthearted and offer to bring somebody who may be struggling to lunch, then just let them understand you’re there for them.

  • How Can Students Promote Mental Health?

A student’s total mental health, capacity for stress management, and self-expression are greatly improved by exercise, mindfulness, and the arts.

  • What Causes Mental Illness?

Biology-related mental health problems can be influenced by a variety of internal and environmental circumstances, including psychological trauma, early parent loss, and neglect, to name a few.

  • How To Raise Awareness About Mental Health

Here are some of the ways to raise awareness about Mental Health-

  • Talk About Mental Health Issues Openly.
  • Educate Yourself and Others on the Warning Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illnesses.
  • Practice Kindness and Compassion.
  • Take and Share a Free Mental Health Screening.
  • Participate or Volunteer in Awareness Events.

How To Celebrate World Mental Health Day 2023?

  1. Participate In Group Therapy at Work

Sign up for a workshop on group therapy at your workplace. This might give you and your employees a comfortable space to express yourself. We frequently insist that continuing despite problems is the best course of action, but problems might appear out of nowhere if they aren’t appropriately handled.

  1. Practice Self-Care

You can make a lot of adjustments to your life that will last with you after World Mental Health Day. Creating a regular sleep schedule, changing to healthier foods in your diet, having lunch breaks, and taking lengthy walks are a few suggestions. Knowing your unique requirements is the goal of self-care. Take some time to consider what you desire and then pursue it.

  1. Follow the theme

There is a new subject every year, and even though it has nothing to do with your difficulties, you can indeed benefit from it. Do some time-consuming research on the topic. Beyond yourself, awareness can offer you the right tools to comprehend people more fully.

Why World Mental Health Day Is Important

Although the notion of the mind is vague, today’s technology enables us to reflect on our ideas. In order to effectively identify mental illness and take very good care of ourselves, we are moving past outmoded viewpoints and erasing the stigma associated with it. The struggle becomes significantly less difficult if mental health issues are freed from their burden and dread. This day serves as a reminder that you are not suffering alone. We tend to believe that we are the only ones going through difficult times. Knowing that others have experienced it and come out on the other side is encouraging.

You are reminded that you are capable of overcoming your pain. As our knowledge of mental health advances, so does our capacity to access appropriate care. You can function more effectively with the correct therapist and required drugs. The global influence increases with our level of acceptance and with the amount of money invested in research and mental health care.

Celebration Dates of World Mental Health Day

Year Date Day
2022 October 10 Monday
2023 October 10 Tuesday
2024 October 10 Thursday
2025 October 10 Friday
2026 October 10 Saturday

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