World Rabies Day 2023 – Thursday, September 28

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World Rabies Day 2023 – Thursday, September 28! On September 28, NGOs, governments, and people everywhere will come together to celebrate World Rabies Day and raise awareness of the threat posed by the illness and the steps that may be taken to combat it. Louis Pasteur, who created the first anti-rabies vaccine, is honored on this day. The Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) organized the event to inform the public regarding the efforts that need to be taken in order to completely eradicate rabies in humans and domestic pets. Almost all human rabies cases across the globe are caused by dog bites, making dogs the most prevalent animal to contract the disease. GARC promotes the occasion in the hopes that towns will implement actions in addition to raising awareness for one day.

When is World Rabies Day 2023 USA?

Thursday, September 28 is the official celebration date of World Rabies Day 2023 in the United States (US).

World Rabies Day 2023
World Rabies Day 2023

World Rabies Day Theme 2023

28 September this year will mark the 16th World Rabies Day. This year’s theme ‘Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths’ will accentuate the relationship between the environment and both people and animals.

Symptoms of Rabies infection

The onset of symptoms in people often takes two to three months. As the earliest symptoms of rabies are nonspecific, such as a fever and headache, they frequently go unnoticed. More severe symptoms, like partial paralysis, anxiety, sleeplessness, confusion, agitation, wrath, paranoia, panic, hallucinations advancing to delirium, and coma are seen when the disease develops and causes the inflammation of the brain or meninges.

Hydrophobia or the fear of water is the most prominent symptom of rabies. In many parts of the world, rabies is commonly known as the ‘fear of water (Jal-atank).

Brief Illustration of World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day: Overview

Name of Day World Rabies Day
Created By Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC)
Observed On 28th September

To raise awareness about rabies prevention and to highlight progress in defeating this horrifying disease.

Celebration Location Across the Globe.

History of World Rabies Day

The first World Rabies Day was commemorated on September 28, 2007. The World Health Organization, the Alliance for Rabies Control, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all of the United States, participated in the event (WHO). Following the negative impacts of rabies on the world, organizations began honoring this day. The organization decided to honor Louis Pasteur’s passing on September 28.

How To Observe World Rabies Day 2023?

  1. Participate.

GARC organizes a variety of conferences where you may find out more regarding rabies control, from South Africa to Afghanistan. Additionally, the group is encouraging individuals to submit a pledge supporting the Zero by 30 cause. Other ways to participate include planning your own event or suggesting a deserving candidate for a World Rabies Day honor.

  1. Conduct research

Regarding rabies, there are several ranges of steps that need to be taken in a variety of circumstances. Make absolutely sure you are prepared in case your pet attacks someone else, a person’s pet strikes you, or perhaps another pet bites your pet. There are particular steps that doctors and veterinarians must take in any of these scenarios.

  1. Remove the stigma.

Common images of rabies include maniacal humans, dogs, squirrels, and skunks that are frothing at the mouth resembling zombies. Keep in mind that these are signs of a fatal illness and shouldn’t be ignored. Therefore if we want to eradicate rabies, we may have to change the way we think about it instead of viewing it as the subject of a horror film.

FAQS About World Rabies Day

  • Why is World Rabies Day?

World Rabies Day was established in 2007 to increase public awareness of the most lethal infectious illness in the world and to draw partners together to strengthen global preventive and control initiatives.

  • Who Made World Rabies Day?

World Rabies Day (WRD), created by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) and observed by the World Health Organization (WHO) each year on September 28th, is a motivational day to recall that stopping the spread of animal diseases is one of the best ways to safeguard the environment and the health of humans.

  • What Are the Objectives of World Rabies Day?

World Rabies Day was established in 2007 to increase public awareness of rabies and to bring partners together to strengthen global preventive and control initiatives. It is observed on September 28. The United States is one of many nations that mark World Rabies Day.

  • What Is Rabies and What Causes It?

The RABV virus, a member of the Rhabdovirus family, is responsible for the deadly viral infection known as rabies. When a contaminated animal strikes or wounds another person or animal, the disease is spread via the saliva of the sick animal. This illness needs to be stopped right once since it has an impact on the brain and neurological system of the sick person. Initial rabies signs are non-specific, although the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems are ultimately impacted. Animals such as dogs, ferrets, cats, cows, goats, horses, bats, beavers, coyotes, foxes, monkeys, raccoons, and skunks are among the most susceptible to transmitting the rabies virus to humans.

  • How many cases of rabies in the world?

Worldwide, there are an estimated 59,000 cases per year in humans. In the U.S. alone, there were 4,690 laboratory-confirmed rabies cases in animals in 2019.

  • Where is rabies most common in the world?

An Approximately 59,000 human cases annually occur around the world. In 2019, there were 4,690 incidents of rabies in animals in the United States only.

  • How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Last?

According to the vaccine type used, protection can range from six months to two years. Travelers are frequently advised to get vaccinated prior to exposure because it provides two years of protection.

  • What animal has the highest rate of rabies?

In 2018, 92.7% of rabies cases were linked to wild animals. Raccoons (30.3%), skunks (20.3%), foxes (7.2%), and bats (33% of all animal incidents in 2018) were the next most frequently mentioned rabid wildlife species.

  • When should you get rabies shots?

People who have been contacted by an animal which is proven to have rabies or is suspected of having it are given the rabies vaccine. Post-exposure prophylaxis is the term for this. People who are at a significant risk of contracting the rabies virus could also receive the rabies vaccine in advance.

  • Who invented the rabies vaccine?

On July 6, 1885, Louis Pasteur administered the first dose of his rabies vaccine to a patient who had been bitten by a person.

Why World Rabies Day Is Important

GARC has a lofty but commendable aim for rabies: eradication by the year 2030. By 2030, rabies induced by dog bites could not cause any human deaths worldwide if the proper measures were put in place. A coalition of organizations, including the World Health Organization, World Organization for Animal Health, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and the GARC, came to an agreement on this motion around 2015. Over 60,000 people worldwide pass away from rabies infection each year.

Given that the World Health Organization considers rabies to be a disease that is completely avoidable, it is currently up to local communities, nongovernmental organizations, and governments all over the world to work together to set the policies in place that will halt these needless deaths. Anybody can contribute to the fight to eradicate the virus by learning how to protect pets from contracting the disease. In addition to holding events for immunizing puppies under 12 months of age, World Rabies Day aims to draw attention to regional and national legislation that aids in preventing the spread of the illness. The first step in eliminating rabies in humans and dogs is to educate ourselves about the disease.

World Rabies Day Image Pic 2023
World Rabies Day Image Pic 2023

World Rabies Day Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Wishes, Images, Memes, Gif, Captions, Status 2023

“We all should make one promise to ourselves that no one should die of rabies and that would be the perfect way to celebrate World Rabies Day.”

“On the occasion of World Rabies Day, let us educate everyone to get their dogs vaccinated to prevent the world from rabies. Happy World Rabies Day 2023.”

“Wishing a very Happy World Rabies Day to all. Rabies is a big threat and we must protect everyone from it by taking necessary measures.”

“One small step towards prevention from rabies can make a big difference. Warm greetings on World Rabies Day to you.”

“It is extremely important to get your dogs regularly checked and vaccinated in order to prevent rabies. Wishing you a very Happy World Rabies Day.”

“The occasion of World Rabies Day is a reminder to all of us that rabies is a life-threatening disease and therefore, we must make everyone aware of it.”

“Just by educating everyone about rabies can make a big difference in saving the world from this disease. Warm wishes on World Rabies Day.”

“We must not take rabies lightly as it is a disease which can take many lives. Wishing everyone Happy World Rabies Day.”

World Rabies Day Slogans

Let us unite to fight against rabies.

We must create awareness about rabies to save the world.

Don’t forget to get your dog vaccinated. Happy World Rabies Day.

Don’t neglect rabies as it can take many lives.

It is important to act in time against rabies.

World Rabies Day is a reminder to all of us to prevent rabies.

It is not difficult to prevent lives from rabies, we just need to act.

Information and education can help us save the world from rabies.

Don’t be scared of rabies, be aware of it and act accordingly.

Celebration Dates of World Rabies Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 28 Wednesday
2023 September 28 Thursday
2024 September 28 Saturday
2025 September 28 Sunday
2026 September 28 Monday

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