World Smile Day 2020: When and How to Celebrate Happy World Smile Day?


World Smile Day 2020 – Friday, October 2! Smile & others will smile with you, weep & you weep alone! Well, it’s clear then we should be smiling because the more people join the merrier. Smiling triggers our happy hormones like- dopamine & endorphin & we reach a state of happy high! So, the mere mention of the World Smile Day makes us excited! Now, if you are unfamiliar with the day, hakuna matata!  We are here to relieve you out of curious concern!

World Smile Day is a day based on the theme of smiling. Its a day that encourages people to smile at each other and treat each other with acts of kindness. Each year the first Friday of October is celebrated as the World Smile Day. Millions of people celebrate the day by putting on a smile on their own self and fellow men, but it’s also a day when various events across US are held for celebrating the day.

When is Happy World Smile Day 2020?

2nd October is the official celebration date of World Smile Day 2020.

World Smile Day 2020
World Smile Day 2020: Images

History of the World Smile Day:

Harvey Ball, a graphic artist by profession from the Worcester of Massachusetts created the smiley face symbol during the year of 1963. It garnered so much popularity that almost every person became familiar with it. Artists crave the success of their work and in Harvey’s case, he himself didn’t expect the work to explode through the roof! Throughout the year it became one of the most known symbols around the world. In fact, pop culture made heavy use of the smiley symbol! The ever picturesque yellow circle with a black dot for eyes and a simple curve for a genuine & pure smile! It was overused to the point that the original intent behind the creation was losing it’s essence and the artist felt the need to quickly do something about it.

In the year 1999, World Smile Day got its official footing! Harvey was the mastermind behind the celebratory day. The intention was to encourage smiling among each other and create a culture of empathetic kindness among people! Harvey’s intention was to connect the smile to the human being and make it like a greeting in a world full of bitterness!

How World Smile Day 2020 Is Celebrated?

  1. Participate in volunteerism

There are many sorts of volunteerism organization. People who genuinely love to celebrate this day participates in such organizations and tries to spread some good on this day. If you want to celebrate, you can also do something similar- whether be it working for any organization which works for the veteran, elderly or homeless people! The point is to spread kindness, so make sure to spread kindness in your surrounding in any way you can.

  1. Find some me time

Modern world is incredibly hectic, tiresome and alienated by design. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume them most of us feel weary and disconnected with our inner being! Since World Smile Day was created with the intention to find our way back to smiling and spreading kindness, why not start that with our own self. Make sure that you find time for doing something you love and smile with kindness at yourself for holding on so far!

  1. Commit an act of kindness and make it into a habit

We think World Smile Day is the perfect day to commit an act of kindness and make a pledge to our own self to make it into everyday practice. You do not have to force yourself into it. Just keep your eyes and heart open & act with loving-kindness when the chance comes! Remember every little thing matters and it’s about time we made kindness sexy again!

  1. Share on Social Media

The booming of social media sites indicates that we are a social being and without meaningful connection, life would have lost its color. So, to celebrate the day visit the official site and spread your ways of celebrating the day among your social circle. The more the day gains traction the better it is for the world.

Why did We love to celebrate World Smile Day?

First of all, a smile is free and it makes both the person who is smiling and the one being smiled at release happy hormones, which is necessary for our well-being. Only through positivity, kindness and connection, the world can get itself out of continuous series of negative stream of incidents in finds itself in. So, we cannot help but love the idea of celebrating the day and feel giddy to the mere mention of it!


What to say then, just smile your life away and spread your blessings, fellas!


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