World Water Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

World Water Day 2022 – Tuesday, March 22! Water is the foundation of life. It’s convenient to consider the availability of water casually throughout the United States because it just flows out of the faucet when you want it. However, there are individuals across the world who do not have access to adequate, clean, or drinkable water. World Water Day honors water while also spreading awareness about the 2.2 billion people who do not have access to potable water.

It’s about taking steps to address the world’s water crisis. The accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030 is a major emphasis of World Water Day. The goal of World Water Day is to raise awareness about the water-related difficulties which humans face in practically every country and provide effective and timely solutions for them.

When is World Water Day 2022 USA?

Tuesday, March 22 is the official celebration date of Happy World Water Day 2022 in the United States.

World Water Day
World Water Day 2022

History of World Water Day

It is disheartening however a genuine fact that over 2 billion people around the world currently lack access to clean potable water. Even though over 2.5 million people around the world continue to be without sufficient sanitation. This alarming absence of adequate options for addressing these 2 basic human needs is a catastrophe that individuals from all over the planet are working to alleviate and handle by providing clean water and improved sanitation to underserved regions around the globe.

The inaugural World Water Day was suggested in Agenda 22 of the Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development during 1992. In December of that year, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution declaring March 22nd as World Water Day, a day devoted to raising awareness about global water challenges, with a particular emphasis on improving that each and every community has access to safe drinking water. The first World Water Day was observed throughout March 1993, and it has been celebrated each year thereafter.

Water Day was established out of the necessity for everyone to have access to clean water and adequate sanitary facilities. Water Day was established by the United Nations to aid in the fight against the global clean water and sanitation crises. The goal of World Water Day is to give people a day to dwell on assisting communities throughout the world to have access to clean and safe water and sanitation facilities.

Water Day also highlights how ordinary people can help individuals in affected areas restore their honor all the while boosting their long-term health and wellness by providing them with clean, safe water. Additional challenges, like the preservation of local water ecosystems, are indeed addressed each year. Water Day focuses on safe drinking water and basic sanitation; however, it also considers a variety of other water-related issues that affect the communities as a whole.

World Water Day 2022 Theme: Groundwater

On a yearly basis during March 22nd, World Water Day is held to raise awareness regarding the gravitas of water. The subject for this year is ‘groundwater,’ which brings attention to a subterranean aquatic resource the cruciality of which is immense yet is underappreciated in sustainable development legislation.

This year’s initiative, titled “Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible,” will illustrate the importance of groundwater in water and sanitation facilities, agriculture, commerce, habitats, and climate resilience. The campaign’s main theme is that researching, conserving while using groundwater wisely will be critical to enduring and responding to climate change, as well as satisfying the requirements of an increasing population.

How to Celebrate Happy World Water Day 2022?

Conserve The Water Resources from Trash:

Gather around a group of buddies and start your private water cleanup team. This could appear to be a minor effort, yet waste and trash pose a serious threat to biodiversity around us. When we discard our trash mindlessly the waste can simply reach into a water resource and harm the fishes and the animals who are dependent on those waterways.

Make An Effort to Lessen Your Water Footprint:

You may not think you are using a huge amount of water in your ordinary routine; however, your assumption is so wrong when you would know that average water usage by an American during a shower is 17 gallons while toilet flushing is responsible for 7 gallons of water usage during just single flushing! Some devices, including low-flow washrooms and showerheads, can assist you in reducing your everyday water consumption.

Hold A Public Event to Raise Awareness:

You may host an event; in case you want to have a permanent and fast impact by helping people to become aware of the need for conserving water and be mindful about not wasting or trashing water bodies. World Water Day is celebrated by communities all around the globe. Gathering all the stakeholders in one place to take collective action for tackling water-related issues that the world or communities across the world is facing would be an amazing way to celebrate the day. You can also post about the day in your social media feed containing the hashtag #WorldWaterDay or simply #WaterDayCelebration to create a positive ripple effect and become the voice for the people or species, who are suffering due to lack of safe water!

Why World Water Day Is Important

By now we all know lots of people across the world lack access to clean, safe drinking water. Drinking tainted water can cause a variety of serious illnesses. Although this may appear to be a third-world issue, Flint, Michigan demonstrated that water issues exist in the U. S. as well. Humans aren’t the only ones who need clean water. Thousands of animals perish each year in consequence of contamination. Pollution can take various forms, ranging from physical litter to wastewater and chemical discharge, causing the water to become harmful to the creatures that rely on it for food and shelter.

Every year, a topic is chosen for World Water Day, as the “Nature for Water,” which focuses on coming up with solutions to water challenges. Many of the environmental issues we’re dealing with are interconnected – water pollution, flooding, and droughts are all tied to, and often direct factors of, climate change and ecosystem deterioration.

What is the celebration Date of World Water Day?

Year Date Day
2022 March 22 Tuesday
2023 March 22 Wednesday
2024 March 22 Friday
2025 March 22 Saturday
2026 March 22 Sunday

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